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Pat Dorsey’s FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ — For a moment, imagine receiving twelve of the most “proven” trout flies each month for a year. Pat Dorsey’s original FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonally proven trout flies.

As a member, the cost per fly will be greatly reduced on some of today’s most popular patterns, as well as, receiving home or office delivery of the finest products available.

Great Fly Fisherman’s Gift
FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ is an excellent Christmas/birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day gift for any avid angler (family, friends, employees and customers). It is a gift that keeps on giving, month after month, trout after trout.

All are premium flies, tied on chemically sharpened Tiemco hooks. They are the finest flies produced in coordination with seasonal hatches. Every month, look forward to receiving and using the flies in connection with happenings on the stream. Also included is a short history of the fly, fishing instructions and the fly tying recipe.

Any member will also receive reduced pricing on any additional flies purchased through the BQA. Standard trout flies are $1.85 per fly. As a member, the cost is $1.35 per fly. That is a savings of fifty cents per fly and, for some, incentive enough to join the club.

2011 Flies Include:

January – GT Emerger – Olive #20
February – Parrott’s Black Fly Larva #20
March – Flashtail Mini Egg – Oregon Cheese #18
April – Stalcup’s Beatis Nymph – Olive – #20
May – Dorsey’s Tungsten Mercury Caddis #16
June – Mercer’s Trigger Nymph – PMD – #18
July – Garcia’s Mini Hot – Hot Yellow – #16
August – Green Drake – Brown Rib – #12
September – Chocolate RSII Emerger – #22
October – Goat Leech – Red/Black – #8
November – Eric’s Midge #22
December – Parrott’s Little Black Bug – #22

How To Order:

The Fly of the Month Club is sold as a calendar year based membership and can be purchased any month of the year. For example, purchasing of the membership in March means that the member will receive flies for March and the two previous months of January and February bringing that membership up-to-date.

There are two options – full membership that includes twelve of the same flies each month or half membership with six of the same flies each month. Included in each delivery: the flies, history of the pattern, hints for fishing it and the tying recipe. And remember, members receive the reduced price of $1.35 for standard dries and nymphs and 25% off an other flies we carry.

When the membership is purchased as a gift, please provide BQA with the recipient’s full name, address, phone number and email address in the gift message box and we will sign that person up and send a gift letter out if request. Please be certain to specify “gift” with the order in all caps at the top of the gift message box.

The membership cost including shipping and handling is:

Full membership (12 flies per month) Click to Order Online
$199.95 plus $22.00 for shipping/handling, which totals to $221.95

Half membership (6 flies per month) Click to Order Online
119.95 plus $22.00 for shipping/handling, which totals to $141.95

**If you live in Colorado sales tax will be added.**

*The customer is responsible for notifying the Blue Quill Angler in the event of an address change.

Place your order now by giving us a call at (800)435-5353  or click one of the links above to place the order online.


Finally, after 4 month of filming and then filming some more, the DVD is in it’s final stages right now.  This DVD is based on instruction of the 4 main European Nymping Methods – Czech, French, Polish and Spanish nymphing with emphasis on how-to and not just catching fish.  There is step-by-step instructions that will have you fishing the European Methods like a pro.

If you have ever wanted to learn to Czech Nymph, this is the DVD for you.  Step-by-step instruction on each method with detailed section on rigging you rod and leader for all 4. The DVD was filmed right here in Colorado with Steve Parrott of the Blue Quill Angler who has a true passion for the European Nymphing methods.  Retail $29.95

Releasing a fish is your gift to another angler. Here Bob Dye gets a great parting shot of this massive Rainbow from the Taylor River.

Handle a large fish like this as little as possible and get it back in the water quickly. If you release the fish in moving but not raging water, the extra oxygen content helps the fish to break down the lactic acid that tend to build up when they are fighting. We always remove the barb from the hook to allow our clients to remove the hook easier and get that trophy trout back in the water quickly to fight another day.

I recently went fly fishing on the Blue River in Silverthorne with fellow Blue Quill Angler fly fishing guide Joe Shafer. We got to the river about 1:00 pm. The water was gin clear and the flows were 144 CFS. We both started off using a Dry Dropper rig using our 9′ 5wt Sage TCX fly rods. It didn’t take long before I landed my first chunky 18′ rainbow on a size 18 Barr’s PMD Emerger. Right after that Joe nailed a beautiful rainbow on a red Amy’s Ant. It was non stop action after that. Occasionally we would throw some streamers to fish sitting in heavy currents with great results. We were fishing a double streamer rig with a #8 Laney bugger and trailed it with a #10 Pat’s Rubbberlegs. The fishing was awesome all the way until we got off the river at around 9:30pm. We both got the hat trick, landing numerous rainbows and browns on dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Now is the time to fly fish the Blue River in Silverthorne.

Jerry Vigil fly fishing guide for the Blue Quill Angler

This article is intended for the non-fisher person who wants to give fishing equipment to someone with a long want list.  I will not recommend a particular outfitter or product line, but will arm you with enough information and questions to be one heck of a savvy shopper.  Here are a few tips to make your shopping a little easier this year.

Buy stocking foot waders…they offer better foot support.  A “stocking foot” wader is a wader that requires you to buy the wading boot separate, unlike the “boot foot” type wader that has the wading boot already attached to the wader. Don’t buy a bootfoot wader; the foot tends to move around inside the boot too easily! 

Waders should be made of a breathable material, have a neoprene stocking foot, and not bind in the crotch.

The first wader for a beginner should be a chest high wader, as opposed to hip or waist high waders. Why? All you have to do is put on a rain jacket and you are completely insulated from the rain.  Chest high waders are versatile, meaning you can wade up to your waist, whereas hip boots limits you to the small shallow streams. Very important! Always wear a wading belt when using chest high waders.

Remember that waders are only used during early spring and fall.  Most people wet wade during the summer months.

Wet wading means your feet will get wet, but since the water is warm in the summer, it’s no big deal. To wet wade, you first put on socks, neoprene socks next, and then your wading boots. Gravel guards may be put on last, and I will let the outfitter explain their use.

Lastly, don’t spend less than $125.00 for waders.  You get what you pay for!

Wading Shoe
Buy the best possible shoe that you can afford. You have heard the old saying…. Take care of your dogs and your dogs will take care of you.

Be sure to buy shoes that have felt on the bottom of the soles, which helps when walking on slippery rocks.

Make sure that the shoes you buy will fit over a pair of wool socks and neoprene socks.  When it comes time to buy waders if you haven’t already done so, your shoes will fit over the waders. If I have confused you, just please remember not to buy wading shoes to fit for summer use only.

Wading shoes start around $60.00.

Fly Rod
Buying a rod for someone can get you into trouble.  I recommend a gift certificate unless you know the brand, model, weight, etc.  Fly rods have different actions – slow, moderate, medium fast, fast, and extra fast. To sum it up, try before you buy.

If you could only afford one trout rod, I would recommend an 8′, 4 or 5-weight rod for fishing most streams in Western North Carolina.  Try to buy a rod with a lifetime warranty.

An entry-level rod with a lifetime guarantee will start around $89.00.

Fly Reel
When fishing small creeks, the reel is just a mechanism to hold the line. I recommend a “click and pawl” reel over a disc drag reel.

A disc drag reel is used on big water, fishing for larger fish.  I recommend this type of reel when fishing “tailwater”- water below a dam. 

A basic click and pawl reel starts around $59.00 and one with a lifetime guarantee would start around $119.00.

Fly Line
I recommend a 4 or 5 weight forward line as I mentioned earlier.  For the beginner, a weight forward line will be the best choice.  It will help them feel and understand the mechanics of the cast because it will properly load the rod.  Weight Forward lines range from $24.00 to $99.00.  It is not necessary to buy a $60.00 line, but if you buy the least expensive, you will more than likely be buying one again in a few months 

Fly Fishing Outfits
Retailers or outfitters sell complete rod, reel, and line packages. This makes it easy to ensure that the outfit is a balanced.

Vest and Gadgets
A vest is handy and should have a good collar, one that won’t cut in your neck on longer backcountry trips.  You can never have too many pockets.

The must haves are…forceps, zingers, nippers, leaders (7 1/2‘ 4x and 5x), 5X and 6X tippet material – either standard monofilament or fluorocarbon, flies, and fly boxes or a club membership that will give a savings on purchases over the entire year. These make good stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong here.

Fly rods and other fly fishing equipment prices controlled by the manufacturer; therefore, you will find an item priced about the same wherever you go.  However, service is everything and some outfitters will throw in some incentives for purchasing from them.  Try to shop at two outfitters before you buy to see which one provides the best service because inevitably, you will go back for future supplies and having a good relationship will be beneficial for years to come.