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Pat Dorsey’s FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ — For a moment, imagine receiving twelve of the most “proven” trout flies each month for a year. Pat Dorsey’s original FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonally proven trout flies.

As a member, the cost per fly will be greatly reduced on some of today’s most popular patterns, as well as, receiving home or office delivery of the finest products available.

Great Fly Fisherman’s Gift
FLY OF THE MONTH CLUB™ is an excellent Christmas/birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day gift for any avid angler (family, friends, employees and customers). It is a gift that keeps on giving, month after month, trout after trout.

All are premium flies, tied on chemically sharpened Tiemco hooks. They are the finest flies produced in coordination with seasonal hatches. Every month, look forward to receiving and using the flies in connection with happenings on the stream. Also included is a short history of the fly, fishing instructions and the fly tying recipe.

Any member will also receive reduced pricing on any additional flies purchased through the BQA. Standard trout flies are $1.85 per fly. As a member, the cost is $1.35 per fly. That is a savings of fifty cents per fly and, for some, incentive enough to join the club.

2011 Flies Include:

January – GT Emerger – Olive #20
February – Parrott’s Black Fly Larva #20
March – Flashtail Mini Egg – Oregon Cheese #18
April – Stalcup’s Beatis Nymph – Olive – #20
May – Dorsey’s Tungsten Mercury Caddis #16
June – Mercer’s Trigger Nymph – PMD – #18
July – Garcia’s Mini Hot – Hot Yellow – #16
August – Green Drake – Brown Rib – #12
September – Chocolate RSII Emerger – #22
October – Goat Leech – Red/Black – #8
November – Eric’s Midge #22
December – Parrott’s Little Black Bug – #22

How To Order:

The Fly of the Month Club is sold as a calendar year based membership and can be purchased any month of the year. For example, purchasing of the membership in March means that the member will receive flies for March and the two previous months of January and February bringing that membership up-to-date.

There are two options – full membership that includes twelve of the same flies each month or half membership with six of the same flies each month. Included in each delivery: the flies, history of the pattern, hints for fishing it and the tying recipe. And remember, members receive the reduced price of $1.35 for standard dries and nymphs and 25% off an other flies we carry.

When the membership is purchased as a gift, please provide BQA with the recipient’s full name, address, phone number and email address in the gift message box and we will sign that person up and send a gift letter out if request. Please be certain to specify “gift” with the order in all caps at the top of the gift message box.

The membership cost including shipping and handling is:

Full membership (12 flies per month) Click to Order Online
$199.95 plus $22.00 for shipping/handling, which totals to $221.95

Half membership (6 flies per month) Click to Order Online
119.95 plus $22.00 for shipping/handling, which totals to $141.95

**If you live in Colorado sales tax will be added.**

*The customer is responsible for notifying the Blue Quill Angler in the event of an address change.

Place your order now by giving us a call at (800)435-5353  or click one of the links above to place the order online.


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