Hooks for Tying Czech Style Nymphs – Skalka Czech made Hooks

Posted: November 1, 2010 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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Czech Nymphing is really taking off here in the United States and the use of specialty hooks to tie Czech specific flies has skyrocketed as well.  Knapek hooks are probably the most recognized Czech hook on the market here in the States but supplies can be limited and the demand is pretty great. 

In Europe, Knapek hooks are popular but second in choise to another brand called Skalka.  Skalka Original Barbless Hooks are hand made in the Czech Republic by Mr. Miroslav Skalka since 1985 and these hooks are tested by the best Czech fly fishers. These top quality hooks are difficult to find as they are the preffered hook of the Czech fly fishing team.  The distribution here in the States is pretty limited but when you find them, they are well worth the money!!  Skalka hooks feature fine wire, perfect bend and sticky sharp long needle point and each hook is carefully tested by the manufacturer.

The Skalka Czech/Grub hook is one of the finest hooks we have used with a long, sticky needle point, this hook will hold on to fish like crazy.  The wide gap will accomodate beads well and the hook point stays sharp!!  skalka 2x long nymph hook

The Skalka 2X long Wet/Nymph hook is another hook that sets itself apart from the other Czech specific hooks on the market as the longer hook shank allows the use of tungsten beads without cramping the fly on the hook shank, making it look short and stubby.  This is a great hook for micro nymph patterns for French Nymphing that is super sharp and will hold on to fish. 

Once you use these hooks, you will see and feel the difference that a true hand-made Czech hook makes!!


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