Sage VXP aka the lighter XP

Posted: August 14, 2010 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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We had a chance the other day to cast the new Sage VXP rods that will be available early September and WOW were we surprised.  The old XP family from Sage that we all loved and hated to see dropped from the line-up is back with a facelift.  The new VXP is light in hand and is a little more responsive than the original XP.  The hoop diameter has been decreased to drop weight and the lay-up of the graphite gives the caster more feel yet is still quick enough to punch into a nasty wind or cast double nymph rigs with indicator and split shot with ease.   The tip is fast like the old XP which will allow the angler to set the hook yet is suple enough to protect light tippets when dry fly fishing. 

We casted the 5 weight with a RIO Gold line and the 6 weight with a RIO Grand and both lines worked exceptionally well on the respective rods.  You can feel the rod load and then unleash a fury of power with incredible line speed with very little effort.  If you thought the XP could not get any better, well leave it to Sage to figure out how to do just that!!

At $495 to $525 the VXP will for sure be a winner for the old school XP lovers as well as the anglers who never experienced the XP.  We feel Sage has hit a home run with this one and we are sure that you will feel the same when you cast one.  We welcome the offspring of the XP back to the line-up!!!!


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