Jeff in Cheesman guided by Bob Dye

Posted: May 24, 2010 by bluequillangler in Guided Fly Fishing Trips
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Just a note to let you know I had a fantastic trip into Cheesman Canyon on Saturday with Bob!

The river was cold, clear and flowing well. The weather was great, in spite of a bit of wind.

Bob’s patience with this slow guy, with horrible vision, that doesn’t cast well in wind was greatly appreciated. He spotted fish everywhere and would do his best to guide me to the right cast point and drift line. Bob’s sense of humor was great…ask him about handing me air to grasp! I cannot remember a better day of fishing. We caught a number of great fish, and hooked a many more. I was impressed with the size and fight of the trout. Landing a couple of fish was an adventure in its self.

What a treat to get hooked up with Bob on less than 24 hours notice! Thank the Lord for some cancellations. I look forward to another great trip to Colorado next month and hope to engage your services again.


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