Sage DXL Typhoon Packs

Posted: May 13, 2010 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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Here in Colorado, we love our waist packs!!!  They are comfortable to wear on those hot summer days (although as I write this, it is snowing like crazy!!), they hold all the necessary gear out-of-the-way and are pretty easy to access.  There have been many new packs introduced to the fly fishing community over the past couple of years but most of these have left anglers wanting more – Waterproof, more storage, water bottle holders that actually work and most of all, comfort.

Leave it to a company that builds some of the finest fly rods in the world to basically re-invent the hip/chest pack.  Sage ventured into this thanks in part to Ned Hobson, soft goods product development guy at Sage, to come up with some of the finest WATERPROOF packs we have ever seen.  They are made for people who fish by people who fish.

There are three offerings in the Sage DXL Typhoon series that should cover most angling needs. The smallest is the Sage DXL Typhoon Chest Pack, designed for the minimalist angler who wants to carry two fly boxes all the necessary terminal tackle for a quick trip to the river or in the backcountry.  This pack is constructed of completely waterproof fabric with welded seams and a water-resistant zipper that will keep out almost all moisture unless you decide to take a really long swim.  There is an adjustable, fold down work bench front pocket, concealed tool sheath and retractor docks that will accommodate most any retractors on the market today.  Dimensions – 7″ x 4″ x 9″ / 122 cu. in. – Retail Price – $80.00

Next in the lineup is the Sage DXL Typhoon Wasit Pack – Small.  Why they labeled this “small” we will get to in a minute but the actual size rivals most waist pack on the market today.  Constructed the same as the chest pack, with waterproof material, welded seam construction, concealed tool sheath with magnets and a hybrid zipper/magnetic closure, this pack is a true winner for any angler looking for a super comfortable, extremely water-resistant waist pack.  Dimensions – 13″ x 6″ x 7.5″ / 336 cu. in. – Retail Price – $99.00

To round out the DXL Typhoon lineup, Sage went to the field and asked the anglers and guides what they want in a waist pack.  Just about all of the guides wanted more capacity and something more water resistant while the consumers wanted a pack that was comfortable to wear and had features like a water bottle pocket that would fit a Nalgene bottle.  Sage went to the drawing board and developed the Sage DXL Typhoon Waist Pack – Large.  As the name implies, this bad boy is big, with 671 cubic inches of storage, there is plenty of room for that extra box you always have to leave behind.  The one feature you will not find on any other waist pack on the market today is the completely waterproof, submersible cargo area that will keep your gear dry no matter the weather or how many times you fall in.  This is great for delicate items like cameras, cell phone, GPS units or any other item you want to stay dry.  This pack is also constructed of waterproof material with welded seams and incorporates concealed tool sheaths with tool magnets as well as retractor dock in various places so you can choose the location.  This in one of the most well-built pack we have ever seen and it better be!! With a price tag of $200.00, it is definitely the most expensive waist pack on the market, but should last for many years to come.  Dimensions – 14″ x 8″ x 8″ / 671 cu. in. – Retail Price – $200.00

Sage took their time with these packs, with many hours of imput and research by us, the guiding and angling community and built a line of packs that will perform, outlast the competition and best of all keep our stuff dry!!!


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