Sage 4500 Series Fly Reels

Posted: January 26, 2010 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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When fly fishermen hear the word Sage, we all think of some of the finest fly rods on the planet but typically do not think of reels.  Well, we all should take another look as Sage has really stepped up the ante in the reel market.  The Sage 4500 Series reels were introduced in 2009 to replace the successful, award winning 2500 Series reels.  The 4500 Series boast reduced weight, increased rigidity, and a new high tech minimalist design ethic that makes these reels a real pleasure to look at. Each reel in the 4500 series is equipped with a compact 3:1 graphite and stainless steel disc drag system and is precisely machined from aircraft grade aluminum that will provide a lifetime of durable performance with minimal to no maintenance.

There are three styles to choose from each with 4 sizes that range from 3-4 weight in the 4540 all the way up to 7-8 weight in the 4580. The traditional styling is found in the 4500 series with a black frame paired with a platinum spool that not only looks great, but is incredibly light and durable.  If you feel the traditional style is too heavy or bright, opt for the 4500 CF series which has a carbon fiber spool that really reduces the weight and has a sexy sort of appeal that is indescribable.  The 4500 Bronze reel, introduced in late 2009 and has become one of our favorites as it  has the same internal components and external design of the 4500 traditional and the 4500 CF but comes in this deep bronze color that is appealing to the eye and will not reflect light, spooking every fish in the pool.  All of the 4500 series reels pick up line amazingly fast with their large arbor design and the machined aluminum drag knob has numbered detents that makes it super easy to adjust in the heat of battle. 

The 4500 series reels come with a ballistic nylon/neoprene case to protect the reel while traveling or when stored in a drift boat and a lifetime warranty from Sage.  If you are looking for a high performance reel that will handle the biggest, hardest running of fish with ease, definately give the Sage 4500 Series a look.


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