Sage 99 Series 9’9″ 4 weight – 4 piece Specialized Nymphing Rod

Posted: October 4, 2009 by bluequillangler in Uncategorized
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One of the coolest rods we have seen in a while is the Sage 99 Series Nymphing Rods.  Here in Colorado the majority of the fishing we do is below the surface and finally a rod built for that.  You may ask what makes this rod different from a regular Sage Z Axis or Orvis Helios, well we asked Jerry Siem, the chief rod designer at Sage the same question.  We had no idea what we were in for and left that discussion with a better understanding of rod design and also came to the conclusion that Jerry is one passionate individual when it comes to fly rods.sage-99-499-4
 First off the rod is designed to flex more into the middle of the rod which created a wider loop when casting and will reduce the amount of time spent untangling those two and three fly rigs that have somehow mated with the yarn indicator.  Second, the tip is super stiff which provides a quick and powerful hook set as soon as the angler reacts and the butt section of the rod is like most Sage products, super stiff with the ability to stop the hardest charging fish.  The one thing that really blew me away was the thought process that went into the spacing of the guides. 
When you first look at the rod, you notice that most of the snake guides are pretty large to facilitate stack mending and shaking line out of the guides but the spacing of the guides as you get closer to the tip section is the real science in this rod. Jerry said he built 3 to 4 tip sections, each with different guide spacing near the tip to figure out what spacing combination would allow the line to shoot freely out of the guides while mending or shaking line out of the rod to extend the drift that few extra feet we are all looking for.  We were somewhat blown away by the though process that had gone into this rod and were also somewhat skeptical as to whether it would work. 
Our Sage Representative was kind enough to shoot us over the 9’9″ 4 weight 4 piece and we headed to the river. The first thing we noticed is that in fact, the rod does cast a more open loop and when we began mending, the line was flying out of the guides.  Our main concern was that the softer middle section of the rod would be a detriment in getting a good hook set even though the tip is fast.  Our concerns were proven wrong with the first of many Cheesman Canyon rainbows that day. All of the rod in this series are 9′ 9″ in length which give the angler better mending and high sticking capabilities without the cumbersome feeling of a 10′ rod. 
 Bottom Line: This is an incredible rod and for the angler looking for that nymphing specific stick, this is the one!
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