Simms G3 Guide Pant

Posted: September 25, 2009 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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We all loved the “original” Simms Classic Guide Pant, especially if you were guiding or fishing from a drift boat most of the time.  Easy to get in and out of and alot cooler that a chest high wader.  When that went away, that left a huge gap in most guides fishing attire so we just made due.  Simms made an o.k. attempt with the Rivertek pant but durability for hardcore anglers was an issue. 

In 2007, Simms introduced the G3 Convertible wader that was built along the same lines as the Simms G3 Guide Wader in the lower section but the upper was a lighter Gore-Tex fabric that could be stowed in the built-in belt portion of this wader and accessed via a zipper and the upper slid up the straps and attached in place via velcro tabs.  This is the wader most of us were looking for but found the convertible feature of this wader a real pain so we just took the scissors to the upper section and removed the straps making this more like the original Classic Guide Pant.  Hard to fathom cutting up a pair of $379.95 waders but when the upper was stored, it was very awkward when seated rowing a boat.  simms-g3-guidepant

Simms then introduced a true pant wader in 2008 called the Headwater Pant that was built with a 3-ply Gore-Tex lower with 5 layer panels in the front for added durability.  This was more like the original Classic Guide Pant but some were able to wear a pair of these out in less than two months of guiding as there are not as durable and the Simms G3 Convertible or the Simms G3 Guide Wader.  They are super light and really breathable, especially in the summer months but the door was still open for a “true” pant style wader that is bombproof.

The one nice thing about Simms is they poll the guides throughout the country and actually take the feedback and head to the drawing board to produce products that we are asking for.  In Spetember, 2009 at the Fly Fishing Retailer show, Simms introduced the G3 Guide pant which incorporated the lower section of a G3 Guide wader with some added features like a RiRi waterproof front zipper at the fly and two angled pockets with YKK waterproof zippers.  There is a tab that snaps at the front and the integrated wading belt with elastic in the waist for an incredible fit.  Of the first thing we had to do was try them on and see how they fit.  All I can say is, “thank you Simms for listening and making a pant style wader that will stand up to the abuse we guides can dish out”.

Availability on this wader is looking like March 2010 but there may be a few pair that sneak out of the factory in Bozeman before then so stay tuned!!


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