RIO Trout LT (Light Touch) Fly Line

Posted: September 22, 2009 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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When it comes to delicate presentations to selectively rising trout, the RIO Selective Trout II fly line was the perfect choice.  Long front taper that landed that #20 Blue Wing Olive Pullover Emerger right where you wanted it.  This was a great line and when we heard that it was being discontinued in leu of the Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) there was some mumble and grumble as to whether we would be downgrading to a line that would not perform the same, but it is RIO and they are definitely obsessed with your next cast. rio-trout-lt-fly-line

We received one of the Rio Trout LT (Light Touch) line in a WF4F and immediately spooled it up, paired it with the Sage ZXL 9′ 4 weight – 4 piece and headed to Clear Creek.  The fist thing we noticed was the line was two-tone (our sample was beige/sage) which according to RIO changes colors at the optimal load point for most rods which is around 30′.  On the water, the line casted like no other RIO line we have had in our hands and floated like a champ.  The most noticable thing was how easy this line mended and the tip floated all day.  This is mainly due to the AgentX coating on the line which is a dual-density coating that has a specific gravity less than water and the the Super Floatation Technology which like RIO states, “it will keep the line floating” works like a champ. The most impressive feature of this line is how well it loaded the rod at really short distances and when we needed to stretch one out, the line had enough head weight to properly load the rod.

In conclusion, RIO has hit another home run with this line across the board.  If you are looking for a dry fly line or a line for slower action rods, definitely check this offering out from RIO

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