Ross Evolution LT

Posted: September 16, 2009 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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Well, we all heard the news the tried and true Ross Evolution that we have all come to love was being discontinued.  Some shops held on to their stock and others were blowing them out at rock bottom prices.  We were somewhat indecisive as to what to do but we felt that if Ross was making a change to this reel, it has to be an improvement although we wondered how?  ross-evolution-lt

We laid eyes on the new version, the Ross Evolution LT this past week at Fly Fishing Retailer and I think all were pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  This reel has has a major overhaul when it comes to machining.  Ross always does a really great job in this category but they have really outdone themselves here.  The entire spool, body and even the reel seat have been redone to shave weight and they replaced the Derlin plastic drag adjustment knob and spool release with anodized aluminum for added durability and corrosion resistance.  The internal drag that was the most attractive part of the old Evolution remains the same and feels better than ever.

It is going to be hard to wait until November for this reel but it will be well worth it!!

  1. Rich says:

    I’ve got an Evo and love it with the exception of the plastic drag knob and spool release. They did good by switching out those parts for machined aluminum. Not sure I like the looks though…will have to handle one up close.

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