Simms Star Cleats for Vibram Soles

Posted: September 14, 2009 by bluequillangler in Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
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simms star cleatMost anglers who have purchased the new Simms Vibram soled boots have also purchased the HarbBite Studs to go with them including myself.  The offer that added traction on those super slippery rocks we have all come to hate.  I got wind of a new cleat in the works that will work in conjunction with the Vibram soles so I made a call to Simms to get the scoop.  After an in depth conversation Simms was gracious enough to shoot down a couple of pair of the new Star Cleatsdeveloped exclusively for the Vibram 360 StreamTread soles for us to test out and send feedback on.

I am a big fan of the new sole with and without the studs and I did not see it getting any better, well I have been wrong before and here I stand, wrong again.  The instructions that Simms gave me were to put three cleats in the forefoot and two in the heel.  Of course I asked why and was told that the new cleat acts like three of the studs due to the star design and its ability to work with the sole since it is almost flush mounted in the open receptacle between the treads.  I was completely blown away at the amount of traction this set-up gave me in an out of the river.  When you need the cleats to work they do where I have found the studs to be slippery in certain situations because the stick out farther and do not allow the sole to come in contact with the rocks. 

Simms has a real winner here and if you want your Vibram boots to perform at their best in all conditions, the new Star Cleats are a must.  You will most likely not want to get in your buddy’s raft with them but and risk a puncture but  I wore them in a drift boat with no damage at all.  Your best bet is to still remove any and all studs prior to entering any type of boat and since there are only 5 cleats per boot, you can remove them in a matter of minutes.


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