Posted: July 6, 2009 by b.dye in Fishing Colorado
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Well……. think about us for a moment, our whole lives are where do we live, what do we eat, and what do we do for recreation. Most of us focus on where do we eat, think about it this way, your driving down the street, there is a McyDees a Wendys, a Taco Bell and a Burger King, you make your choice and begin devouring your favorite food. The fish are the same way, one day they decide Mayflies is on the menu, the next could be caddis,maybe an hour later they decide midges are the key. Anyway, we get so involved in what the fish are keyed in on, we forget they splurge for a banana split every now and then , the next time you are fishing your favorite stretch of water do not be afraid to think outside the box, and I dont mean Jack in the Box, put on somthing out of the ordinary, and you might be surprised. Just recentily, the Blue Quill has stocked alot of  new flies which is basically all of your old favorite patterns, with a new twist. Take a look at these new patterns and   fish them with your little twist to give the fish a different point of view.  

Bob Dye

  1. ronpecore says:

    Hey Bob, nice blogg, trying new patterns is a great idea, I believe fish feed with a flash card mentality, when they see something they identify it with a shape and size and color, more of the same bugs comming down the river makes them more focused on this item. Ron

  2. Sarah Barclay says:

    Love how you keep things simple Bob. You are the best! Banana split baby….ooolala!

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