Posted: June 15, 2009 by b.dye in Fishing Colorado
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Its not to often one finds the Roaring Fork river this fishable this early in post run off.  Last Thursday, the river had four feet of clarity and was fishing extremely well. Driftboat fishing is the way to cover more of the water while getting out and wade fishing all of the public areas.  With several different bug hatches, big Stone Flies in the am, Caddis in the afternoon and evening, and Green Drakes in the evening (Green Drake nymphs worked well throughout the day). Hook ups were most consistent while nymphing  if  the fly was presented at the right depth, close to the bottom. It also didn’t hurt to take a sip of beer, look away and have a fish magically appear on the end of your line. The Roaring Fork eats driftboats, so use caution when floating this river. The upper stretch below Carbondale has the most educated fish, after all these fish live in the high rent district. Fishing often gets easier as you get down stream, as you get onto the less fortunate fish. These are the ones I like!  Dry fly fishing was best in the evening when the Green Drakes came off. Be safe and tight lines!  Bob Dye

  1. ronpecore says:

    Hey Bob, fellow guide Mike and I floated the Fork on Tues., had a blast several fish on grn. drake and stonfly nymphs, we floated the lower section. Love that river..Ron

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