2009 Teva Mountain Games Costa Del Mar 2 Fly X-Stream Fly Fishing Competition

Posted: June 10, 2009 by bluequillangler in Fishing Colorado
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This past weekend was the 8thannual Teva Mountain Games over in Vail, Colorado which is a gathering of 21 diciplines of mountain events like kayaking, trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing as well as fly fishing.  Steve Parrott, the shop manager of the Blue Quill went over to compete in the Costa Del Mar 2 Fly X-Stream competition which begins with an accuracy round of casting at three targets at varying distances and a distance cast.  The competitors get three attempts at each target for points and then three attempts at a distance cast that has to stay within a 10′ lane.  The competition this year took 75 anglers in round one and narrowed it down to 20 that will go on to round two.  The wind was calm in the morning with forcasted winds of 25 to 30 mph around noon.  Steve drew a late start time so when he stepped up to the line, he was battling steady winds of 20 mph withgust up to 30.  This made it tough to hit the targets but Steve was able to advance on to the second round with a 17th place finish.  According to Steve, “this was one of the worst rounds of casting that I have ever had and I hope to never repeat it again, but in the end I am off to round two with a clean slate”. 

Round two moves the casters to the pedestrian bridge over Gore Creek in Vail casting at various targets on land and in the water.  The casting order is reversed so the 20th caster goes first which meant that Steve was the fourth caster to go.  He managed to score 7 points out of a possible 15 which is a good score but according to Steve, he was not sure that would get him in the top eight to go fishing on Sunday.   As the rest of the casters took their turn, the scores were low and odds were looking pretty good that Steve would make it to the final round.  As the 13th caster left the bridge, Steve still had the highest points total and was in on Sunday.  The winner of round two had a final score of 9 and two other casters had a score of 8.  That left Steve with a 4th place finish in round two and guaranteed him a spot in the second boat down the river.

The finals were to be held on the Eagle River but with the high flows from runoff, the Eagle was not floatable so the decision was made to go to the Colorado River and float from Pumphouse to Radium.  The format here is the caster with the highest score out of round two gets first choice of boat position and so on.  The rules of the finals are each angler is allowed 6 flies but one of the patterns has to be different.  You can have 3 of one pattern and 3 of a different kind or 5 of one and 1 different.  Which ever way you choose to go is fine as long as one pattern is different.  Eash fish caught counts as one point and if you catch a decent size fish, you have the ability to tell the guide to measure that fish and you get points for the length as well as one point for the fish.  For example, if you land a 17" fish and tell the guide to measure it, that one fish total is 18 points.   The big part of this is that you only have 6 flies to fish with and when they are gone, the game is over.

Steve ended up in the second boat, back seat.  The boats are sent down the river in 15 minute intervals and have about two hours to fish this section.  Once completed, they take the boat out and drive back to Pumphouse put-in and repeat the same floatswapping boat positions with the other angler. 

In the first float down, Steve managed to net 8 fish and measured a 17″ brown trout for a total of 25 points.  They took the boat out and drove back to the put-in and Steve was in the front this time.  The second float is a little tougher because there have been 8 anglers fishing this water in the competition not to mention the recreational anglers and guided trips that are taking place at the same time.  During the second float, Steve managed to land 6 more fish for a total of 31 points.  According to Steve, ” I had alot of hook-ups that I lost right at the boat trying to get them into the net.  The wind was blowing 25 mph directly upstream which blew the line all over the place and the fish would just pop off”. 

Now the waiting begins as the anglers and guides are not allowed to discuss the totals because there is a weigh-in back in the Vail Village to determine the winner.  With all of the anglers on pins and needles, the promoter Rick Messmer steps up on the stage and begins the ceremony.  The 8thplace angler was called with one fish that was 16″, the 7thplace angler was called with a total of 2 fish, the 6thplace angler was called with 3 fish and a 16.5″ fish measured, the 5th place angler was called with one 19.5 ” fish measured, the 4th place angler had one fish that was 20″.  Steve was in the top three again this year (Steve finished 3rd overall in the 2008 TevaMountain Games).  The 3rd place angler had 7 fish to the net and measured a 15″fish so Steve new he had bettered his 2008 performance by at least one spot.  Now the tension was really thick with only two anglers left, Brian Capsay from Fly Fishing Team USA and Steve.  Rick announced the second place had a 17″ fish measured and 8 fish to the net which meant that Steve had finally pulled it off and won the 2009 Teva Mountain Games Costa Del Mar 2 Fly X-Steam competiton. teva podium shot 

Congratulations to all the angler and to Steve for pulling it off in the fishing portion and making us all proud here at the Blue Quill


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