The other day I had the opportunity to take fellow guide Sarah Barclay and her friend Jay, both who I might add are great anglers. We went down in search of the elusive Salmon Fly hatch and proceeded to find hundreds of flies on bushes, rocks etc. but not a lot on the water.  Sarah caught a lot of fish using a dry dropperrig fishing in close to the bank, while Jay caught fish using the same plus a indicator rig. While both of them fished, I rowed trying to keep the three of us alive in what I considered rough water.  As we went through the eye of the needle, Sarah kept fishing. I don’t think she realized that I was paddling for dear life, just goes to show you what a hard fisherperson she is! Good job Sarah! I enjoyed taking you both down the Colorado. The Salmon fly hatch is a hard one to get a handle on, but with persistence you can find yourself with a bent rod.   Blue Quill guide Bob Dye


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