Salmon Flies and Pike Fishing

Posted: June 5, 2009 by ddickensheets in Fishing Colorado
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I had the chance this week to get out this week and do a couple days of fishing with fellow Blue Quill employee Cody Scott.  The mission behind the trip was to get up to the Colorado to fish the Salmon Fly hatch.  This was the first time that either Cody or I had fished the hatch and we are now both hooked.  Cody went up Tuesday during the day and hooked a number of fish on big dries.  The Colorado is really ripping this time of year but there were still fish to be found along the banks and behind rocks in the slow moving water.  I met Cody up there Tuesday night and fished all day on Wednesday.  Since it was our first time fishing the hatch we were stubborn and only fished dry flies for most of the day.  The morning started out pretty slow for all of us.  We saw a lot of bugs on the bushes and shucks on the rock and the trees, but not a lot of activity on the water.  I picked up a fish on a Pat’s Rubber Legs in the late morning.  Around 2:00 pm things picked up for us on the dry flies a little bit.  I landed a nice brown on a Parachute Giant Stone shortly there after.  After that Cody and I continued to hook fish for the next hour or so on big dries like Fuzzy Wuzzys or B-1 Bombers.  Overall the fishing was slow but we were still hooking fish.  The key was to really work water and work the banks and the slow water behind rocks.  If you are patient and are willing to work at it, it can be a fun day.

Salmon Flies!

Originally we were planning on spending a second day at the Colorado, but the weather had other plans.  After running from the thunderstorms we made our way up to Williams Fork Reservoir Wednesday night to chase some pike.  We fished up there Wednesday night and Thursday until about noon before getting chased out by weather once again.  We spotted a few fish in the shallows but overall they are still out pretty deep.  Give it another week or so and the fishing should pick up.

BQA Employee Dave Dickensheets


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