Fly Fishing Leadville Ponds – Colorado

Posted: May 26, 2009 by b.dye in Fishing Colorado
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Yesterday, in the mix of dealing with Memorial day traffic, I decided to fish the Leadville ponds, good choice if you do not want to deal with high water. Anyways, fishing was very productive on a wide variety of flies, but the best was stripping pine squirrel leeches near the bottom of the ponds. Fish range in these ponds from ten to sixteen inches, with a few eighteen’ers. All was great until the ride home, with traffic backed up to the Eisenhower tunnel, pulled over in Silverplume and fished Clear Creek until dark. While laughing at all the people stuck in there cars, I started to realize how smart I have become. Moral to the story, if your ever stuck in traffic, always have your fly rod in the car.  

Bob Dye – Blue Quill Guide

  1. Jan Ward says:

    I was interested in your comment. Good points. It got me wondering however where Leadville Lakes where. I am a 2 year new fisher, so I looked them up. I can’t find any lakes called this. There are lots of lakes up by Leadville, but..? So being new to anything, you get to ask a lot of questions and laughed at. Where are the lakes? Also, I am interested in fishing on lakes and I do not seem to be finding any ‘how to’ or tips. Any info would be great. Thanks

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