Recent trip to Roaring Fork/Colorado

Posted: March 27, 2009 by cscott7957 in Fishing Colorado

I recently got the chance to fish the Roaring Fork Valley for a couple of days. We arrived in Glenwood springs at about 8pm and decided to go agead and fish through the night as to not pay for a hotel room that night. I am reluctant to share much information about my nightfishing times because I will soon have hits out for me if I share those secrets. The information I will share is that we fished from 9pm to 4am and the fishing was great, considering it was a freezing blizzard.
After a few hours rest, we were able to fish The Roaring Fork during the daylight hours. The weather was terrible at best, (rain, snow, wind and cold) but made for great dry fly action with BWO’s. We could not take a fish on a nymph that day, every fish was looking up apparently. The next day though, the sun was out and it was rather warm. We stayed on the Fork hoping to catch the BWO hatch again, but it never happened, or atleast not enough to bring the fish up. However, the nymph fishing turned on and we enjoyed another great day of fishing on the Roaring Fork.
Both, the Roaring Fork and the Colorado were very off colored, but still fished well. The Fork was where the best fishing happened though. We spent most of our time there.
Look for bad weather, be ready with your adult BWO’s, and time your casts at rising fish precisely. There could be a great reward!


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